This patient had veneers placed on #7, 8, 9, 10 and loves her smile and the dentist who did the case. She is happy with her smile, but can’t chew pizza or sandwiches, has a strong left neck trigger and has a painful popping left condyle. The before and after treatment scans are presented in the Equilibration Case Section (

The T-scan pattern does not allow her to close without the front right (#7 and #8) interfering with a complete closure. This force pattern is very similar to the previous card. Anterior prosthetics that limit the envelope of function is an excellent use of the T-Scan to find and eliminate the limitations.


This lady also had 4-bi orthodontic treatment as an adult and a history of neck concerns. A deprogramming splint was made and physical therapy for her neck eliminated the muscle triggers. The inflammation in the left lateral pole (Piper Stage II) was eliminated and the case was equilibrated.


Stretching of the neck and shoulder and occasional physical therapy will always be required to minimize neck muscle triggers. A full balanced upper splint will protect the condyles and the veneers. She is very happy and can bite pizza with no pain!