In some cases the muscles will simply override the system. This patient has used a sleep splint for years just because he feels better in the morning. He favors squeezing on the left side and states that he sleeps on the left side. He does not grind into the splint. Day time clenching can be a problem and the patient likes to stretch his jaw frequently during the day.

(Above) The Habitual Force Movie in 2-D Contour and 3-D formats (Below) The Skeletal Force Movie in 2-D and 3-D formats. Illustrations demonstrate the clinical technique to take the scans. Please double click to zoom in on the pictures.

The habitual bite scan and the skeletal bite scan are almost perfect and so the occlusion only helps us here. No need to equilibrate. The balanced force scan is very helpful to know that the teeth should be easy to manage in such a strong bite.


An easy diagnosis of over development of the masseter muscles with a nice occlusion, so the treatment will probably always be sleep splint.


He sleeps well so we have not recommended a sleep study at this point.