The reason this case is called Physical Therapy was because we could not eliminate the chronic clenching pain until the physical therapist unlocked the neck and shoulder tension. The bite splints helped,but the asymmetry of the bones was to severe to shut down the over use cramping of the masseters. Some mornings the clenching tightness would be almost locked and other mornings they would only be sore to palpate. The pain sometimes stopped him from eating.

The combination of the three digital technologies (digital photos, digital radiographs, and digital force scans) all match here. The frontal facial view shows how the head posture looks. The radiographs show the same asymmetry. The force scans verify that the left teeth are taking most of the force and match the two previous pictures showing the asymmetry of the skeletal bone growth.


We did do some minor equilibrations that balanced the posterior planes only in force. The left and right posterior segments grew into different anatomy planes and can easily be managed with a balanced splint at night and stretching the shoulder back during the day.