This patient came in for a second opinion about his bite because his dentist wanted to restore the lower anterior teeth. The reason given to the patient was severe wear and spaces. Second opinions sometimes mean that the patient is losing confidence. Dentistry has many approaches and we prefer to balance the existing prosthetics first. The digital occlusion approach is a nice tool to reach this idea.

A quick scan identifies the immediate concern that the existing incisal guidance is poor. The patient can feel what he sees on the computer and gains confidence that the dentist understands the issues.


The immediate issue is poor incisal guidance, so an equilibration of the existing crowns is the primary treatment. A facebow, models, and records appointment provides the tools required before the equilibration. A full treatment plan is provided that includes periodontal issues and posterior teeth.


Restoring the lower anteriors are a possibility, but the next year will be periodontal and occlusion maintenance.