Sometimes a new patient enters the practice and the dental history is over whelming. The time, effort and expense of a lifetime of dental treatment is a tribute to the patients desire to save their teeth. The endos and custom posts were all done at Tufts School of Dental Medicine decades ago. Implants were placed as teeth failed and the result is a lifetime f perseverance.

The first time this patient was put on the T-Scan was an amazing experience. She could see what she felt and knew. The left side hit two hard and did not match the site of her bite as opposed to the old time articulating paper experience. She now has confidence that she never had. She knew that she was finally going to balance the prosthetic correctly.


The patient was referred because of her left side jaw pain. The left condyle was sprained and tender on palpation to all movements. A deprogramming splint was made and the case slowly equilibrated as the left condyle seated.


Primary Goal: Take good care of what she has. A full upper splint will be made ofter the equilibration is complete. Our strategy here is to prevent damage. A good defense is sometimes better than a good offence, so it is best to take care of the old to prevent additional prosthetic treatment.