It’s a digital world

Introducing a teaching platform

New tools provide more accurate information that allows us to discover a new level of reality. How we apply this new information creates a momentum that challenges traditional thinking. Digital contact information gives a context to articulating paper marks.

The T-Scan is to occlusion what the Hubble Telescope is to deep space. Both technologies allow us to see what is invisible to the naked eye and to discover a level of reality that we did not suspect existed before.

The T-Scan gives us the capacity to view how occlusion happens in 3D.

Perspective can be defined as “a measured assessment of any situation.” Halley’s Comet looks quite different when viewed from the new perspective offered by the Hubble. Seen or unseen reality is always there. Articulating paper can only continue to present its limited perspective on occlusal reality, yet there is so much more to see. Digital technology expands our understanding of occlusal cycles.

A fresh perspective offers exciting possibilities that challenge the prevailing mindset, just like nebulae in space provide clues as to how the universe was formed.

Take a quantum leap by changing your perspective on occlusion.

Consider that…

  • Digital dentistry is the new norm
  • Occlusion is still an untapped profit center in most dental practices
  • An Occlusion Department offers a fresh perspective on comprehensive care
  • Occlusal force distribution can be measured and monitored
  • Patterns of occlusal force transfer accurately predict breakdown
  • Occlusion destruction can be prevented