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The force distribution cycle is subdivided into the occluding (between A1 and B1), occluded (B1 to C1), and disoccluding (C1 to D1) segments. The maximum force position (MFP) occurs when the black line reaches 100% and can be the same frame as MIP when the maximum number of sensel contacts occurs.

A force distribution cycle graph differentiates the right-sided force (red line) from the left-sided one (green line) and divides force cycles into three phases of mandibular movement. The black line represents the total relative force starting at 1% when the first tooth makes contact and grows to 100% when maximum force (MFP/MIP) is reached, finally returning to 0% when no teeth touch. The red line represents the force percentage on the right side of the arch and the green one represents the percentage of force recorded on the left. When added together, the values of the red line and of the green line will always equal 100% of total force.